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Why use a maildrop service?

Maildrop is a term which stands for a mail receiving, holding and forwarding service, in short, a re-mailing service. Or simply, an accommodation address.

Just a few real life examples:

• Mike Thrifty plans to send 50,000 brochures to his clients in the UK and the USA, but since postage here is 60% cheaper than the Royal or US mail, mailing them from Singapore makes sense. But this will go through without a hitch only if he prints a Singaporean sender on the envelope. A watertight maildrop is sufficient.

• University of InTouch annually sends 3500 newsletters to its alumni in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. This year it realised that it could save an immense amount in postal charges by taking advantage of Singapore as its re-mailing centre.

• Fast Job Ltd. would like to test if they can dispose their goods, not just through the usual distribution channels, but through canvassing under another brand name. Of course, neither their competitors nor their own clients nor their suppliers should ever hear of it. With maildrop, this operation can be carried out without any complications.

• Minutesoft Corp. thinks of using Singapore as a base to market its financial application software throughout the Asia-Pacific Region but without immediately renting expensive office space. It might possibly want to see how its project will catch on first. It first gets itself an inexpensive maildrop and operate from here. As soon as things are working out well, it can move to regular leased office space.

• Andy Handsome is securely married. He still has romantic attachments to a flame in Singapore. From time to time he gets love letters from her which he naturally doesn't want his better half to read. A maildrop solves the problem.

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